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Bálintitt Éva Apor
The healthy hatred of the working class
Farkas Charles
Siege of the Radio Building
Farkas Lily
Released on Amnesty
Harmath István
Memories of '56
Hitter Mária and Miklós
The Price of Freedom
Kiss Éva Ibrányi
For Me The Revolution Started in 1955
Kisvarsányi Éva B.
Recollections from 1956
Laping Francis
An Epitaph for Heroes
Dr. Lengyel Alfonz
Released from Prison in Time for the Revolution
Muhl Thomas P.
It Has Not Been Long Enough to Forget
Novak Edit Martha
As I Remember
Rogers Tom
Driving home from the US Legation
Shepard William S.
Reflections of an American Diplomat
Somogyi Balázs
A Nation Ascending
Szablya Helen M
One Family's Escape to Freedom
Szokolay Olga Vallay
My October
Várallyay Julius
Sparked by Technical University students, continued worldwide
Willinger Ervin
“Messengers” of the Revolution
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