Please join us as we ensure the spirit of 1956 is captured through your stories and passed on for future generations. We are looking for your most vivid memories of the 1956 Revolution. The suggested length for submissions is 1-3 pages, if possible.

There are several ways to submit your story. The interview guide (below) is designed for easy online submission and suggests questions for you to answer or to ask family members who participated in those heroic days. If you would like to send a separate document, click on the e-mail button to the left and send us a file directly. And finally, you may download the interview guide to fill in by hand and mail it to us.

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Where do you currently reside in the US?*
Where did you live in Hungary in 1956?*

How did you become involved in the Revolution?
What role did you play? (armed freedom fighter, intellectual, messenger, observer, supporter, other)
How were your family members involved?
Was there a particular location where you were most involved during 1956?
What are your most vivid memories of the Revolution? (Please describe in detail)
Who are the most unforgettable people you came across or heard about during the Revolution? (Please describe in detail)
What examples of heroism and/or bravery did you encounter during the Revolution?
Did you ever come into contact with any of the Revolutionary leaders? If so, what were your impressions of them?
How would you define the “spirit of 1956?”
In what way has the Revolution affected your life?
What message would you like taught or passed down to future generations about the Revolution of 1956?
When and how did you leave Hungary? Where did you go and eventually reside permanently?
If you escaped after the Revolution, please share with us the story of your escape.
Have you shared the stories of 1956 with members of your family or friends?
Would you be willing to be interviewed further on the topic of 1956?
Have you returned to Hungary since you came to the US? If so, when and how many times?

How do you plan to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Revolution?
Are you currently active in the Hungarian American community? If so, please list the organizations you support.

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