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Lauer Learning 1956 Hungarian Revolution Exhibit opens at Clayton County Library

Private mixed media collection highlights historical implications of the 1956 Revolution

Morrow, GA – February 28, 2008 – The Clayton County Library’s Morrow Branch is hosting a month long exhibit highlighting the dramatic events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.  The multi-media display is from the private collection of Andrea Lauer Rice, the founder and chief executive officer of Lauer Learning, a multimedia educational company headquartered in Roswell, Ga.

John Parkerson, honorary Hungarian Consul, was responsible for bringing the exhibit, a visual account of the 12-day revolution, to the library.

“The Hungarian Revolution began on October 23, 1956 when Hungarian university students started a revolution against the former Soviet Union, which had occupied the country since World War II,” said Parkerson.  “For 12 days Hungarians throughout the country revolted -- setting political prisoners free, drafting a 16-point plan for a democratic union, forcing communist leaders into exile, and more.  In the end, communist rule crushed the Revolution killing hundreds of Hungarians, causing more than 200,000 to flee the country, which remained under communist rule until 1990.  But it was the beginning of freedom for Hungary.”  He added that the short-lived but significant revolution is the origin of many people of Hungarian decent living in America today. 

The exhibit, on loan from Lauer Rice, whose mother and grandparents survived the ’56 Revolution, brings to life this famous time in history.  “It is exciting to have our ‘56 Exhibit displayed at the Clayton County Library,” she said.  “The display presents the events of the Revolution from a variety of perspectives so that people of all ages and backgrounds can understand and learn about this time in history.” 

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution, Lauer Rice collected photographs, video clips, radio archives, front pages of newspapers, and various personal memorabilia and artifacts to create the multi-media exhibit that was used in Atlanta to commemorate the anniversary of the Revolution.  “Later we repackaged the original display as a traveling mixed-media ‘exhibit in a box’, which is convenient to use and exposes people to the language, culture and historical relevance of Hungary and its struggle for freedom,” she said.  “We invite organizations to borrow the exhibit and use it as an educational tool.”

The exhibit is a part of the Morrow Business and Tourism Association’s larger effort to develop a working partnership with Hungary.  Morrow is the home of the Honorary Hungarian Consulate which is currently the only foreign consulate south of Metro Atlanta.

For information on the exhibit and how to borrow it contact Lauer Rice at alauer@lauerlearning.com.


Lauer Learning is a multimedia educational company that creates interactive products to teach children about foreign language, culture and historic events through experiential learning. FF56! a bilingual, historically accurate, educational computer game for teens about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was launched in the fall of 2006. All products, including “56 Stories”, a collection of personal testimonials collected through the FreedomFighter56.com website are available for purchase through the www.LauerLearning.com website.

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