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Lauer Learning Founder Andrea Lauer Rice Speaks At Case Western Reserve University Conference Commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

CLEVELAND - September 18, 2006 - Speaking at a three-day conference sponsored by Case Western Reserve University, Andrea Lauer Rice introduced conference participants to two new products created by her company to commemorate the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. “56 Stories: Personal Recollections of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, A Hungarian-American Perspective'” a book of personal testimonials, and FF56!, an educational computer game, were created and produced by Lauer Learning, to help Hungarian Americans pass on their legacy and preserve their rich history.

The conference, “Fifty Years' Perspective on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956”, was funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Baker-Nord Center of the Humanities and the Department of History at Case Western.

Lauer Rice, founder and chief executive officer of Lauer Learning, also introduced www.FreedomFighter56.com, the oral history website that served as the basis for both projects, collecting the personal stories of the Hungarian Revolution and creating a community around the project.

Lauer Learning, a multimedia educational products company headquartered in Roswell, Ga., creates interactive products to teach children foreign languages, cultures and historic events through experiential learning.

“To honor the 50th Anniversary of this amazing time in history, we gathered personal testimonials through www.FreedomFighter56.com,” Lauer Rice told the audience. “These stories were assembled, edited and published in “56 Stories,” a book that commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution and pays homage to the heroes who died for freedom and whose memory will live on in history. Our goal is to pass on not only the stories, but the very spirit of the revolution to future generations.”

The Hungarian American Coalition, a nationwide non-profit organization that promotes public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues partnered with Lauer Learning on the oral history endeavor.

According to Lauer Rice, FF56! is an educational computer game designed to allow teens to step into the revolution, thus teaching them about the events, the importance of the revolution, and providing them with a personal perspective of their heritage.
Additional featured speakers at the event included: Csaba Bekes, Director of Cold War History Research Center in Hungary; Istvan Deak, Seth Low Emeritus Professor at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs; U.S. Ambassador to Hungary George Herbert Walker III, and Edith Lauer, Chair Emerita of the Hungarian American Coalition.


Lauer Learning is a multimedia educational company that creates interactive products to teach children foreign languages, cultures and historic events through experiential learning. FF56! a bilingual, historically-accurate, educational computer game for teens about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was launched in the fall of 2006. “Kis Majom” or “Little Monkey”, a Language Learning Packet consisting of DVDs, books and flashcards, to help parents raise their toddlers bilingually will be unveiled in 2007. All products, including “56 Stories”, a collection of personal testimonials collected through the FreedomFighter56.com website are available for purchase through the www.LauerLearning.com website.

The Hungarian American Coalition was founded in 1991 as an educational and cultural non-profit 501 (c)3 organization. Its Office of Information in Washington, D.C serves over 20,000 organizational and individual members across the United States. Its mission is to promote public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues. For further information, please go to www.hacusa.org.

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