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Lauer Learning Selects Red Hill Studios To Develop Its FF56! Experiential Learning Game
The award winning technology firm specializes in innovative multimedia educational projects

Roswell, GA - Lauer Learning, an innovative multimedia educational company that creates interactive learning products that teach history, culture and language, announced today that Red Hill Studios would produce FF56!, an engrossing educational computer game aimed at teaching about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Founded in 1991, Red Hill Studios, based in Larkspar, CA. develops and produces unique educational concepts for CD-ROMs, web sites, and museum kiosks as well as a broad range of multi-media services, including design, development, and production.

“We are excited about our new relationship with Red Hill Studios and look forward to working with them. They share in our philosophy about teaching children new ways to learn by harnessing the magical possibilities of multi-media,” said Andrea Lauer Rice, the founder and chief executive officer of Lauer Learning, Inc. “We realize that educators need to reach and teach through more innovative and engaging methods than are currently employed in the average classroom. The edutainment industry, or as I refer to it, 'learning by playing' is the way of the future. Providing new ways of seeing and learning about our world is what both Lauer Learning and Red Hill Studios are all about.”

Red Hill Studios has developed many award-winning titles, including games for Dragonfly TV on PBS, websites for the ultra popular Sims games and museum exhibits like, Playing with Time. According the Lauer Rice, Red Hill Studio's experience and ideas fit well with the goals Lauer Learning has defined for the FF56! Project.

"The FF56! project is an unique opportunity to combine Red Hill's expertise in developing educationally-rich content and designing engaging games," says Robert Hone, Creative Director of Red Hill Studios. "We are looking forward to the challenge of interweaving the amazing historical narrative of the Hungarian revolution with captivating game elements."

Today's 'learning by playing' trend is one of the motivations for Lauer Learning's FF56! This cluster of products will include an immersive role-playing computer game for young teens to experience the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

FF56! is scheduled for release in 2006, in time for the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. A demo of the game will be available by Memorial Day.
“Because of the way the younger generation looks at the world, students will remember events they actually create and experience through interactive games, much more readily
than anything they simply read in a textbook,” said Lauer Rice. “There is still a long way to go to realize the full potential of using games in education. Lauer Learning is paving the way to transforming how we teach by making learning fun, memorable, and experiential.”


Lauer Learning is a multimedia educational company that creates interactive products to teach children foreign languages, cultures and historic events through experiential learning. Two Hungarian products, the first cluster of a series of 'learning by playing' modules, will be launched in 2006 -FF56! a bilingual, historically-accurate, educational computer game for teens about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and “Kis Majom” or “Little Monkey”, a Language Learning Packet consisting of DVDs, books and flashcards, to help parents raise their toddlers bilingually. The computer game will be available in early fall and “Little Monkey” will be released in time for Christmas 2006. In addition “56 Stories”, a collection of personal testimonials collected through the FreedomFighter56.com website, will be published and on the market in October. All products will be available for purchase through the www.LauerLearning.com website.

The Hungarian American Coalition was founded in 1991 as an educational and cultural non-profit 501 (c)3 organization. Its Office of Information in Washington, D.C serves over 20,000 organizational and individual members across the United States. Its mission is to promote public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues. For further information, please go to www.hacusa.org.

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