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Lauer Learning's newly Released Book “56 Stories” Launched at Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum Exhibit
Book Is Well Received at Its Official Unveiling in the United States

CLEVELAND - October 7, 2006 - The newly released book “56 Stories: Personal Recollections of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, A Hungarian American Perspective”, was presented today at the opening reception of the “Spirit of Freedom 1956” exhibit at the Hungarian Heritage Museum. Published by Lauer Learning, the Atlanta-based multimedia educational company, the book is a collection of 56 personal stories from '56-ers who fought, participated in or observed the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

The reception was one of a continuing series of events hosted by the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The keynote speaker at the event was Edith K. Lauer, Chair Emerita of the Hungarian American Coalition and a witness to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, who introduced the newly released book. A number of Cleveland residents who were eyewitnesses to the Revolution, including László Böjtös, John Körössy, Andrea Lázár, Tibor Ország, Thomas Rátoni Nagy, and Martha & Kathy Takács all read excerpts from their personal stories that can be found in '56 Stories'.

“We are delighted for Cleveland's Heritage Museum to host the launch of '56 Stories' in the United States. It is appropriate for this to happen here, where the largest community of Hungarians in the U.S. is located”, Lauer Rice said, adding, “I am also proud and grateful to my Mother, Edith Lauer, a freedom fighter herself, who introduced the new book and invited speakers to talk about their experiences in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.”

The comprehensive exhibit, scheduled to run through December 30, 2006, includes: historical accounting of the daily heroic events described in detail & depicted in photographs; stories of the courageous freedom fighters told through enlarged photographs taken during the Revolution by Erich Lessing and others; various documentary films about the heroic events of 1956; world reaction and expression of sympathy and support expressed in poetry & literature by authors around the world, & photos of demonstrations around the world; works of artists depicting the Revolution, particularly showcasing the works of Hungarian artist Mr. Csaba Kur, including charcoals, paintings and his life-size statue of the freedom fighters of the Revolution.


Lauer Learning is a multimedia educational company that creates interactive products to teach children foreign languages, cultures and historic events through experiential learning. FF56! a bilingual, historically-accurate, educational computer game for teens about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was launched in the fall of 2006. “Kis Majom” or “Little Monkey”, a Language Learning Packet consisting of DVDs, books and flashcards, to help parents raise their toddlers bilingually will be unveiled in 2007. All products, including “56 Stories”, a collection of personal testimonials collected through the FreedomFighter56.com website are available for purchase through the www.LauerLearning.com website.

The Hungarian American Coalition was founded in 1991 as an educational and cultural non-profit 501 (c)3 organization. Its Office of Information in Washington, D.C serves over 20,000 organizational and individual members across the United States. Its mission is to promote public understanding and awareness of Hungarian American issues. For further information, please go to www.hacusa.org.

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